Proposed undersea feature names

Gazetted on 2 June 2020

Notice of proposals to alter undersea feature names


Proposed altered undersea feature names

Undersea feature type and description

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Māhia Canyon

An undersea canyon offshore from the central east coast of Te Ika-a-Māui, extending for approximately 72km from -38.9842 latitude, 178.1465 longitude, to -39.2188 latitude, 178.6834 longitude. Alteration from Poverty Canyon (recorded undersea feature name).

2 July 2020

Matakaoa Re-entrant

An undersea re-entrant covering approximately 1390km2 centred at -37.4272 latitude, 178.5635 longitude, located approximately 14km north of East Cape at its eastern end, and 7km north-northeast of Midway Point at  its western end. Alteration from Matakoa Re-entrant (recorded undersea feature name).

2 July 2020

Whareama Valley

An undersea valley offshore from the Wairarapa coast, extending for approximately 8.6km from -41.1372 latitude, 176.3641 longitude, to -41.1169 latitude, 176.2878 longitude. Alteration from Whareama Sea Valleys (recorded undersea feature name).

2 July 2020

Last Updated: 2 June 2020