Final determinations on official geographic names

Gazetted on 20 December 2018

Notice of Final Determinations of the Minister for Land Information on Official Geographic Names


Official Geographic Name

Geographic Feature Type


John Creek


A small village at the southeast corner of Lake Hāwea, approximately 4.5km northeast of Lake Hāwea (town), Central Otago. NZTopo50-CA13 075555. Alteration from Gladstone (recorded name).

John Creek


A stream flowing for approximately 5.5km generally westwards from the valley north of Breast Peak, then northwest through John Creek (village) into Lake Hāwea, Central Otago. NZTopo50-CA13 115567 to 075556. Alteration from Johns Creek (recorded name).

Waitangitāhuna River


A river in two parts flowing generally northwards for approximately 45km from Tatare Range into the Tasman Sea. From NZTopo50-BW16 823929 (source) to 788081 [21km] and NZTopo50-BW16 836090 to 754200 [24km] (mouth). Altered from Waitangitaona River (recorded name).

Last Updated: 20 December 2018