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Crown pastoral land decision summary

Following changes to the Crown Pastoral Land Act that took effect on 17 November 2022, Toitū Te Whenua Land Information New Zealand now publishes summaries of decisions on applications for consent to undertake activities on Crown pastoral land, on behalf of the Commissioner of Crown Lands. The new requirement is outlined in s22D of the Crown Pastoral Land Act 1998.

For this decision summary:

  • LINZ received the application before 17 November 2022
  • the decision was made under the Crown Pastoral Land Act 1998 before the amendments taking effect on 17 November 2022.

Lease name

Lake Taylor

What the decision relates to

Top-dressing and sowing seed


Granted in part 

Duration of consent

10 years (including maintenance rights)

Reasons for decision

For the part of the consent that was granted

The Commissioner of Crown Lands has determined that there are benefits to farming from allowing the lessee to oversow and topdress on the approved areas to improve pasture quality as part of a wider development to manage scrub, stock and grazing. 

Being able to carry out this activity will therefore make it easier to use the land concerned for farming purposes, and the conditions recommended will promote good management practice and mitigate effects on inherent values identified in the area.

For the part of the consent that was declined

The Commissioner of Crown Lands has determined that these areas contain inherent values related to indigenous vegetation, rocklands, wetlands, waterways and habitat for flora and fauna that are desirable to protect and that would be adversely affected by granting consent.

Conditions of decision

Consent is granted for oversowing and topdressing within the areas shown outlined in blue on the plans attached, subject to the following conditions:

  1. Oversowing and topdressing on rocklands and within 10m of any wetland and 5m of any waterway is to be avoided. 
  2. Oversowing and topdressing is to be carried out by an appropriately qualified operator/pilot capable of precision placement with appropriately calibrated equipment. 
  3. A written record of applications preferably with GPS mapping is to be maintained and provided to LINZ if requested. 
  4. Permanent pasture species may include cocksfoot, clovers, Yorkshire fog, brome and fescues. 
  5. Adequate fertiliser is to be applied to maintain a healthy sward without soil depletion. Soil testing is to be undertaken to inform fertiliser requirements and to avoid over-application of nutrients, particularly phosphorus. 
  6. Only seed certified as being free of weed seeds and impurities is to be sown.
  7. Cattle may be grazed in the approved areas when there is no risk of pugging damage to waterways, wetlands and seeps.
  8. Any water troughs established in the approved areas must be sited away from indigenous shrublands, waterways, wetlands and seeps.

Section 17 Crown Pastoral Land Act 1998 provides that permission to undertake the activity may still be needed under other enactments.

Consent is declined for oversowing and topdressing in the areas shown outlined in pink on the plans attached.