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By law, ships need to carry official charts and navigation publications needed for their voyage - this includes the Almanac, an annual publication that is updated fortnightly through our Notices to Mariners.


This digital version of the complete Nautical Almanac has not been updated for Notices to Mariners. For updated content refer to Nautical Almanac Extracts and the List of Lights.

The New Zealand Nautical Almanac (NZ 204) is published annually by Toitū Te Whenua It covers the period 1 July to 30 June and provides official information to aid safe navigation in New Zealand waters. It is produced by the New Zealand Hydrographic Authority as required by New Zealand's obligations under the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO).

Reproducing content from the Almanac

Information reproduced or reprinted from the Almanac is not equivalent to or a replacement for the Nautical Publications specified in Maritime Rules Part 25 Nautical Charts and Publications (pursuant to Section 36 of the Maritime Transport Act 1994).

All material in the New Zealand Nautical Almanac is Crown Copyright.


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