In May 2019 Cabinet agreed to repeal and consolidate 90 historic Reserves and Other Lands Disposal Acts, or ROLD Acts, into a single ROLD Act.

The new Act will also include six new clauses dealing with exchanges by the Department of Conservation. Many of the issues these ROLD Acts were created to resolve have now been addressed and no longer need to be in legislation.

ROLD Acts deal with authorisations, transfers and validations of matters relating to Crown land, reserves, and other land held for public or private purposes. ROLD Acts may also amend or repeal other ROLD Acts.

ROLD Acts are used to make non-controversial changes to land status where:

  • a land issue requires special legislation because it cannot easily be dealt with in other legislation, such as a local Bill;
  • existing legislation requires a matter to be carried out by an Act of Parliament (e.g. exclusion of land from National Parks); or
  • earlier ROLD legislation requires amendment.
Last Updated: 12 July 2019