The work we’re doing to update New Zealand’s nautical charts

We have an annual work programme for keeping our nautical charts up-to-date and this is shown in the table below. We make adjustments to  our priorities when there are changes to an area, like new navigational lights or survey information, that need to be reflected in our charts.

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Setting our priorities


The priorities for our hydrographic survey and charting work over the next 5-10 years are set out in our HYPLAN.

The priority regions in HYPLAN are those shown to benefit most from updated charts and navigation information. First published in 2017, we reviewed these priorities in 2019 and 2020 to reflect areas that have been completed. The latest edition holds a revised priority list removing completed areas from previous years and includes areas in the Sub-Antarctic Islands.

Results of previous surveys


Hydrographic Risk Assessments

The priority regions in HYPLAN are based on the results of our Hydrographic Risk Assessment for New Zealand and the Sub-Antarctic Islands. The risk assessment takes into account ship traffic, hazards and the age of existing navigational information to determine the level and location of navigational related risk. 

New Zealand and Sub-Antarctic Islands Hydrographic Risk Assessments

Chart Programme 2021/22

The following list represents the planned chart production for 2021/22. Please note this list is subject to change.

New Zealand charts: Pelorus

Chart typeNumberLocation
ENCNZ506151Te Aumiti / French Pass
ENCNZ461511Approaches to Te Aumiti / French Pass
ENCNZ461512Forsyth and Guards Bays
Paper chartNZ6151Plans in the Marlborough Sounds
Paper chartNZ6152Pelorus Sound / Te Hoiere and Havelock

New Zealand charts: Fiordland

Chart typeNumberLocation
ENCNZ407653Breaksea Sound and Dusky Sound
ENCNZ407624Charles Sound to Dagg Sound
ENCNZ407623Bligh Sound to Caswell Sound
Paper chartNZ7623Bligh Sound to Caswell Sound
Paper chartNZ7624Charles Sound to Dagg Sound
Paper chartNZ7653Breaksea Sound and Dusky Sound

New Zealand charts: Taranaki

Chart typeNew numberLocation
ENCNZ504432Port Taranaki
ENCNZ404432Taranaki Roads
ENCNZ300443Approaches to Port Taranaki
Paper chartNZ4432Taranaki Roads
Paper chartNZ443Approaches to Timaru

New Zealand charts: Coromandel

Chart typeNew numberLocation
ENCNZ505328Coromandel Harbour
ENCNZ405327Waiheke Island to Coromandel Peninsula
ENCNZ300534Mercury Bay to Katikati Entrance
ENCNZ300541Mayor Island (Tuhua) to Okurei Point
ENCNZ405318Great Mercury Island (Ahuahu) to Otara Bay
Paper chartNZ5327Waiheke Island to Coromandel Peninsula
Paper chartNZ5328Coromandel Harbour
Paper chartNZ533Firth of Thames
Paper chartNZ532Approaches to Auckland
Paper chartNZ534Mercury Bay to Katikati Entrance

New Zealand charts: Napier

Chart typeNew numberLocation
ENC NZ605612Napier Harbour
ENCNZ505612Napier Roads
Paper chartNZ5612Napier Roads

Pacific charts

New Pacific Island Charts published by LINZ will now have the regional country code preceding the chart number. For more details on the changes to Pacific charts see Important changes to country prefix and numbering of LINZ Pacific nautical charts

Pacific charts: Tonga

Chart typeNew numberLocationRelevant previous number to be withdrawn
ENCTO400401Northern Ha'apai & Nomuka Groupsna
ENCTO400402Southern Ha'apai & Nomuka Groups na
ENC1x TBCMajority of Tongan watersn/a
ENC1x TBCTofua and Kaon/a
Paper chartTO401Northern Ha'apai & Nomuka GroupsT/NZ 8248 , T/NZ 8235, T/NZ 8247
Paper chartTO402Southern Ha'apai & Nomuka Groups T/NZ 8248, T/NZ 8259
Paper chartTO101Majority of Tongan watersNZ 82
Paper chartTO405Tofua and KaoN/A

Pacific charts: Samoa

Chart typeNew number/relevant withdrawn numberLocationRelevant previous number to be withdrawn
ENC1x TBCApian/a
ENC3x ENCs TBCApolima Strait and Upoulu Islandn/a
ENC2x ENCs TBCHarbours in Apolima Straitn/a
ENC5x ENCs TBCHarbour on the Eastern and Southern sides of Upoulun/a
ENC1x TBCAsau Harbourn/a
ENC1x TBCWestern and American Samoan/a
Paper chartWS 312ApiaT/NZ 8655
Paper chartWS 211Apolima Strait and Upoulu IslandT/NZ 864
Paper chartWS 311Apolima Strait and Upoulu IslandT/NZ 865
Paper chartWS 213Harbours in Apolima Strait T/NZ 8645
Paper chartWS 412Harbour on the Eastern and Southern sides of Upoulun/a
Paper chartWS 211Asau HarbourT/NZ 1414
Paper chartWS 111Western and American SamoaT/NZ 86

Pacific charts: Rebranding (no change to content)

New Paper Chart Number(s) & ENC DetailsLocationRelevant previous number to be withdrawn
TO 201 (4x ENCs)Tonga -Niua'sT/NZ 8215
TO 301, TO 302 (2x ENCs)Tonga -Vava'uT/NZ 822, T/NZ 8225
TO 504, TO 502 (2x ENCs)Tonga -Tongatapu and 'EuaT/NZ 8277, T/NZ 8275
CK 141 (9x ENCs)Northern Cook IslandsNZ 945
CK 241 (9x ENCs)Southern Cook IslandsNZ 955
CK 242 (4x ENCs)RarotongaNZ 9558
TK 121 (4x ENCs)TokelauNZ 885

Surveys 2021/22 to 23/24

Hydrographic surveyStatus
Banks PeninsulaIn progress
Bluff & Stewart IslandIn progress
Nelson to Kahurangi ShoalIn progress
Western Marlborough Sounds
(D’Urville Island, Port Hardy, Croisilles Harbour)
In progress
Approaches to Napier2022/23 TBC
Approaches to Gisborne2023/24 TBC

Surveys 2020/21

Hydographic surveyStatus
Approaches to TaranakiCompleted
Last Updated: 11 October 2021