Information about obtaining and using Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs), NZMariner – Official Raster Navigational Charts (RNC), paper charts, chart images and chart retailers.

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Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs)

Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) are digital vector charts specifically designed for use in electronic navigational systems on-board ships.

We create and maintain the official set of ENCs for New Zealand as well as parts of the South West Pacific and Antarctica waters.

Important safety information is also included in the README.TXT file located within the ENC_ROOT folder of an ENC exchange set. It is updated on a regular basis and should be consulted before using an ENC.

ENCs currently available for New Zealand

The NZ ENC Service is a subscription-based service providing mariners with access to free and regularly updated electronic navigational charts.

Learn more about the NZ ENC Service

To find out which ENCs are available for New Zealand, please visit our NZ Chart Catalogue Spatial View or our NZ Chart Catalogue List View.

ENCs (and paper charts) are also available for purchase.

Search the list of chart retailers

Subscribe to the Notices to Mariners (NtMs) to get updates on ENCs

View the IHO ENC Coverage Catalogue for worldwide official ENCs

Use of ENCs

Our ENCs are in an electronic format which can be used in Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS) and in Electronic Chart Systems (ECS). They can also work with other navigational systems which let you digitally layer charting information with other navigation information; examples of these are GPS, radar, depth sounder, Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) and even sailing directions.

There are legal requirements on the use of nautical charts, and you can find these on the Maritime New Zealand website. Also refer to Annual Notice Number 1 (PDF, 274KB).

Updates for ENCs

The release of all new LINZ ENCs is notified through our fortnightly electronic New Zealand Notices to Mariners. ENC updates are issued for all Notices to Mariners where appropriate.


NZMariner – Official Raster Navigational Charts (RNCs)

NZMariner is the product name of New Zealand's Official RNC folio, and is available for download at no charge from this page.


LINZ publishes NZMariner in BSB format as an annual chart base file plus a monthly cumulative chart update file of corrections published in Notices to Mariners.

NZMariner can only be used in conjunction with compatible viewing software: Electronic Charting Systems (ECS) or Electronic Chart Display Information Systems (ECDIS).

A cumulative list of updates to NZMariner charts is published in the Cumulative NZ Notices to Mariners.

Please also refer to Annual Notice Number 1 (PDF, 274KB).

Find details about NZMariner format, encryption and compatible navigational systems in the NZMariner Technical Documentation

Download NZMariner RNCs in BSB format

Important information: Promotion of NZ ENC Service and georeferenced raster chart images as preferred alternatives to NZMariner

Toitu Te Whenua, LINZ is actively promoting the uptake of the NZ ENC Service for navigation and the use of georeferenced raster chart tiff images (geoTIFFs) for non-navigational purposes. It is planned to withdraw NZMariner at some point in the future.

NZ ENC Service
NZ has full Electronic Navigational Chart (ENC) coverage, replacing the need for official raster navigation chart products. NZ ENCs are available freely through the subscription-based NZ ENC Service.

GeoTIFF Chart Images
Georeferenced raster chart TIFF images (GeoTIFFs) are also available on the LINZ Data Service for non-navigation use.

NZMariner RNC file Updated to NTM Edition Date published
Annual file 2022/23 Chart base file 13/2022 8 July 2022
Latest cumulative update July 2022 Chart update file 15/2022 5 August 2022

If you are having problems downloading RNC files, please contact us at

Legal status

NZMariner is the official New Zealand raster chart folio. For compliance with Maritime New Zealand requirements refer to Maritime Rules Part 25. The use of NZMariner does not relieve the user of their obligations under New Zealand law and international convention.


Paper charts

To find out what paper charts are available for New Zealand, please visit our NZ Chart Catalogue Spatial View or our NZ Chart Catalogue List View. The New Zealand Chart Catalogue lets you search by region or chart number to identify which charts you need. The catalogue lists the most recently updated version of each chart. You can buy paper copies of the official charts from chart retailers.

Corrections to charts

We publish corrections to our charts every fortnight as Notices to Mariners (NtM). These show details such as lights that have been extinguished, new sandbanks that may have emerged, or buoys that have been moved.

Commercial and foreign vessels are required to update their nautical publications, including charts, with the corrections published in the NtM. (Refer to the Maritime Rules document at the end of this page).

Guidance on how to apply NtM corrections to nautical charts can be found in the British Admiralty publication How to Keep Your Admiralty Charts Up To Date (NP294), which is sold in New Zealand by the Admiralty Chart Agent Trans Pacific Marine Ltd.

Where to buy paper charts

Our charts and the Notices to Mariners, which update them, are available in a range of formats. Mariners should make sure the charts and publication on board their vessels are adequate for their voyage and up-to-date.

Find your nearest chart retailer (including overseas retailers of New Zealand charts)

Downloadable chart images

TIFF images of paper charts are available for individual download by navigating to the chart details pages through either NZ Chart Catalogue Spatial View or NZ Chart Catalogue List View. You can also find georeferenced chart images (GeoTIFFs) on the LINZ Data Service.

The TIFF images provided do not replace the New Zealand official nautical charts corrected for Notices to Mariners and are not designed to meet the requirements of marine navigation. In the interests of good seamanship and safety of navigation, all craft navigating in New Zealand waters should purchase official New Zealand nautical charts for their intended voyage from a chart retailer.

Information on symbols, terms and abbreviations used on our nautical charts

These publications explain all the symbols, terms and abbreviations used in New Zealand charts:

To be added to this page as a stockist of these publications, please contact us.


Access to chart data

Data available through the LINZ Data Service

You can go to the LINZ Data Service (LDS) to download hydrographic data which is incorporated into our charting products. This includes: chart vector data, chart GeoTIFFs, bathymetric data indexes.

For more information about the hydrographic data available on LDS, see Hydrographic data.

Availability of S-57 Data

We recognise that electronic chart data has re-use value in derived products and are making unencrypted S-57 format data available under a licence agreement.

S-57 data is freely available under two license options:

  1. Full license – for derived products requiring data maintenance and updates
  2. Simple license – one off use, not for navigation.

The purpose of the License Agreement is to ensure:

  • NZ S-57 data is not misused
  • Derived products are maintained for safety updates, and
  • Users of products derived from NZ S-57 are aware these do not replace official navigation products and are not endorsed or guaranteed my LINZ.

If you are interested in accessing and reusing NZ S-57 data, contact


Information for paper chart retailers

Want to sell LINZ paper charts?

If you would like to sell LINZ paper chart products, please email Blue Star (our supply chain partner) or call them on 0800 504 704.

Rules for the sale of charts

We supply charts through our wholesale distributor, Blue Star. The charts are correct at the time they are supplied and meet the requirements of Maritime Rules Part 25.

The Notices to Mariners include announcements of New Editions or New Charts. They also include notification of any charts that have been withdrawn of cancelled.

Retailers must not sell any chart which has been withdrawn or cancelled without telling the purchaser that it has been withdrawn or cancelled.

Retailers must not sell any cancelled chart more than two months after it is either cancelled or withdrawn.

Find existing chart retailers (including overseas retailers of New Zealand charts)

Last Updated: 8 July 2022