Marine science researchers have a duty to comply with the conditions that are attached to the approval that is given for the research to be undertaken.

Marine science researchers are required to submit to the New Zealand Government the following information relating to New Zealand’s marine jurisdiction:

  • A preliminary voyage report
  • Copies of all data collected
  • Copies of scientific reports
  • Geological and biological samples

LINZ’s MSR Coordinator will liaise with marine science researchers to facilitate the timely receipt of all reports, data and samples. The MSR Coordinator can be contacted at

The preliminary report, to be submitted to within the timeframe stated in the application for consent, details when and how the preliminary and final results of the marine research will be made available. A template for the preliminary voyage report is available to download below.

Copies of all data collected and reports prepared based on data collected in areas under New Zealand's jurisdiction, or details of where such data and reports can be obtained, are to be submitted to as soon as possible, and in any case within a 12 month period, after the conclusion of the voyage.  This information will be treated as public information and may be made available via the internet unless another arrangement is reached with the New Zealand Government.

Information about New Zealand’s MSR data and sample requirements, preferred formats and metadata can be found in the attachment below.

Geological and biological samples which may be divided without detriment to their scientific values are to be deposited at a New Zealand institution as soon as possible after the conclusion of the voyage.  The MSR Coordinator can assist with delivery of such samples.  For any other samples collected, details of where such samples have been deposited are to be forwarded to the MSR Coordinator. 

Last Updated: 15 March 2019