In conjunction with the implementation of Landonline in each region, LINZ undertook a project to "back-capture" existing parcel boundaries in the main centres of population and land development. It was intended to "back-capture" approximately 70 percent of existing parcels, which equates to about 20 percent of the land area of New Zealand.

The data capture known as "Populate Electronic Parcel" (PEP) was undertaken under contract by EDS.

The areas to be captured known as "Survey Capture Areas" (SCA) were defined in consultation with local LINZ staff, survey practitioners and Local Authorities.

Within the defined SCAs, the dimensions for surveyed right-lined boundaries of current parcels were captured from existing survey plans. In addition, sufficient traverses, boundary ties, and connections to the geodetic control were captured or surveyed to ensure adequate network geometry and strengthen areas where the boundary dimensions are unreliable. This survey network was adjusted to generate modern survey coordinates for all relevant nodes. Where the resulting boundaries comply with the accuracy requirements of the 1998 Survey Regulations, then the adjusted co-ordinates were declared to have SDC (Survey-accurate Digital Cadastre) status.

SDC coordinates in effect summarise all the boundary observations by adjusting them into a geodetic framework.

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A more detailed definition of the SCAs is available on the LINZ Data Service.