Toitū Te Whenua web guidelines on linking to other organisations

You can request a link from the Toitū Te Whenua Land Information New Zealand website ( to your website. Generally we are happy to do so when the link is relevant to a page’s content and to the interests of the user.

However, in some cases we may decide not to provide a link if it does not meet the following guidelines on linking to other organisations.

Why does Toitū Te Whenua have guidelines for linking to other organisations?

As a government department Toitū Te Whenua needs to be transparent and fair about linking to the websites of private individuals or commercial providers. Toitū Te Whenua aims to avoid situations where such links could be interpreted as implied endorsement of third-party products, services or views, or as unfairly promoting one commercial provider over another.

Toitū Te Whenua’s guidelines are in line with the Standards of Integrity and Conduct issued by the Public Service Commission.


Toitū Te Whenua websites may link to the websites of individuals, commercial providers and non-governmental organisations (provided the link is not paid advertising) using:

  • factual content that does not include an endorsement, and either
  • an invitation offering a similar link to equivalent providers and organisations, or
  • directions to where users can find equivalent providers

if either:

  • the company is a Toitū Te Whenua-accredited supplier or has signed a supply agreement with Toitū Te Whenua, or
  • the link is relevant to the page’s content and to the interests of the user, for example:
    • an article covering Toitū Te Whenua’s involvement in a project that includes a private individual or commercial provider
    • an article using a private individual or commercial provider to illustrate an industry development, or
  • the link promotes Toitū Te Whenua’s products or services, including those provided in part by other parties or business partners, or
  • it is Toitū Te Whenua’s objective to provide a fair overview of commercial providers of a specific product or service, or
  • Toitū Te Whenua has significant involvement in a commercial event (such as a conference)


  • the website is clearly associated with the personal or political views of an individual, company or organisation, or
  • the website owners or contributors are Toitū Te Whenua employees or are connected to Toitū Te Whenua and the link may be interpreted as a conflict of interest, or
  • the website gathers revenue via the hosting of advertising and that hosting may be interpreted as a conflict of interest, or
  • the website contains inappropriate content that may compromise Toitū Te Whenua’s integrity.

Please contact us to request a link or for more information.