LINZ Data Service

Free online access to New Zealand’s most up-to-date land and seabed data.

View from the air

Combine data about ‘where’ with layers of other non-personal information like population density, housing data, and travel patterns, and you have at your fingertips a powerful analytical tool that helps increase efficiencies, promote productivity and better resource decisions.

LINZ Data Service (LDS) holds more than 40 groupings of data on New Zealand’s land and sea. It includes topographic data used to create maps and hydrographic information used to create marine charts.  It includes information about property, from place names and addresses to boundaries and land ownership. It includes information on Crown pastoral land leases. Our data also includes aerial images which provide an accurate photographic picture of the land’s surface.

Here you can search, browse for and download data online. You can add layers, visualise data in your map and crop datasets – all without the need for special software. You can also integrate our web services into your own applications.

What’s more it’s free – free to browse, free to download.  We provide our data on an open source platform using a Creative Commons open licence. For us it’s about making it easier for people with smart ideas to get the data they need so that all of New Zealand benefits from innovation and enterprise.

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Last Updated: 23 April 2015