Property Valuation in New Zealand

LINZ does not carry out property valuations itself, but is responsible for setting standards for rating valuations and undertaking compliance audits of local authorities.

Check property details before you buy

Prospective property buyers should get a valuation from an independent, registered valuer. Buyers can find out more about ownership in property titles and plans. Also check the Housing & Property resources listed on the New Zealand Government web portal.

Finding registered valuers

You may have to use a registered valuer if a full or current market valuation is required. Look for a registered valuer under "Valuers" in the Yellow Pages directory or the New Zealand Gazette: List of Public Valuers, 25 June 2013, Issue No. 82 The Property Institute of New Zealand also has links to contact registered valuers.

Registered valuers 82must be certified by the Valuers Registration Board. If they are actively valuing for the public, they require an annual practising certificate.

Complaints about a registered valuer’s work

If you are dissatisfied with the conduct of a registered valuer you can formally complain to the Valuers Registration Board.

When rating valuations occur

Local authorities carry out property valuations to help determine your annual property rates. Rating valuation notices and rates demands are issued by local authorities. Valuations occur at least every three years. Contact your local authority about their revaluation schedule or for your current rating valuation.

Maintaining rating valuation standards

Local authorities may contract a valuation service provider (VSP) to make and maintain rating valuations within their district. Find out more about the role of the Valuer-General in ensuring that valuations meet national standards in the audit of rating valuations.

Last Updated: 9 March 2015