New Zealand radio navigational warnings

We coordinate NAVAREA XIV warnings, long range radio navigational warnings that are broadcast to ships in New Zealand waters. Mariners in New Zealand waters can also receive coastal and local navigational warnings

There are three types of navigational warnings: long range (NAVAREA), coastal and local. Messages broadcast to the NAVAREA XIV area and the New Zealand Coastal Navigational Warning Area Z can be found here.

Announcement regarding change of NAVAREA XIV Coordinator Duties

From 1 July 2017, Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) will become the NAVAREA XIV Coordinator. This role is currently held by Land Information New Zealand (LINZ). This change will not affect the way NAVAREA XIV warnings are received, but it will mean that from July any Maritime Safety Information that needs to be shared with the NAVAREA XIV Coordinator should be sent to Maritime New Zealand at or +64 (0)4 577 8030.

NAVAREA XIV warnings

Warnings In-Force at: 210345 UTC JUN 17


NZ coastal navigational warnings

Warnings In-Force at: 220340 UTC JUN 17

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Information about NAVAREA warnings

As part of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) NAVAREA and Coastal warnings are distributed by the World-Wide Navigational Warnings Service (WWNWS). NAVAREA warnings give ocean-going mariners information they need for safe navigation.

The world is divided into geographical sea areas (NAVAREAs). The image below shows areas which are covered by the international NAVAREA radio navigational warning system, the countries responsible for warnings in each area as well as the coverage of the INMARSAT satellites which deliver the messages. Under the WWNWS, New Zealand is the area Coordinator for NAVAREA XIV. Warnings are labelled NAVAREA XIV and numbered consecutively on an annual basis.

Coastal warnings give information for safe navigation within areas seaward of the fairway buoy or pilot station, generally extending approximately 250 nautical miles from the coast. Broadcast information includes, in particular, failures of important aids to navigation, as well as information which may require changes to planned navigational routes.

Download the New Zealand Nautical Almanac

Download part 9 of the Annual Notices to Mariners - Maritime Safety Information (PDF, 1.84 MB)

NAVAREAs with INMARSAT footprints

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NAVAREA XIV coordinator

LINZ is the NAVAREA XIV Coordinator, the authority charged with collecting and issuing long range navigational warnings.

NAVAREA XIV Coordinator
Tel: +64 4 460 0110
Mob: +64 27 687 9536 (24 hours)
Mob: +64 27 704 6994 (24 hours)
Fax: +64 4 498 3535

National coordinator

Rescue Coordination Centre New Zealand (RCCNZ) is the New Zealand National Coordinator; the authority charged with collating and issuing coastal warnings for the New Zealand national area of responsibility within the NAVAREA XIV region – Coastal Warning Area Z - shown below.

Map of coastal warning area Z

Chart showing coastal warning area Z

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National Coordinator
Tel: +64 4 577 8030 (24 hours)
Fax: +64 4 577 8038

Every effort is made to keep the information on this website up-to-date but it is not always possible to add and cancel warnings in real-time. While NAVAREA XIV and New Zealand Coastal Navigational Warnings are made available on this website, Masters/Captains are still required to receive navigational warnings from the appropriate International Maritime Organization (IMO) or World Meteorological Organization (WMO) approved Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) broadcast service i.e. the International SafetyNET system.

Many warnings are of a temporary nature, but others may remain in-force for several weeks and may be superseded by Notices to Mariners.

The IHO WWNWS web page allows access to all the NAVAREA Coordinators around the world who have made their NAVAREA warnings available on the web. A list of NAVAREA XIV Warnings in Force is included in the fortnightly edition of Notices to Mariners.

METAREA XIV warnings

METAREA XIV wind and ice accretion warnings are available from the MetService and JCOMM websites. These warnings are not part of the Maritime Safety Information official data stream, i.e. the International SafetyNET system.

The Meteorological Service of New Zealand has responsibility for issuing these warnings and preparing the warnings south of 25° South. The Fiji Meteorological Service is responsible for the preparation of wind warnings north of 25° South.

Last Updated: 7 June 2017