Survey & Titles

LINZ holds many land record types, and most of these are now within the computerised Landonline system. LINZ also maintains New Zealand’s land registration system, and administers the survey system.

Order a certificate of title or other land record

How to order a copy of a title or plan, or a related document

Search for a historic land record 

Most Maori land records are held by the Maori Land Court. Access to Maori land records.

See information about changes and updates following the Canterbury earthquakes.

  • Land records

    An overview of New Zealand land records, how to find the ones you want, and how to order them.

  • Land registration system

    Information on New Zealand’s land registration system including maps of land registration districts, and detail of land title rulings, standards and guidelines, as well as how to make a manual lodging.

  • Landonline

    An introduction to the Landonline system, and how to access datasets from Landonline – without being a registered user of the system.

  • Cadastral survey

    An overview of New Zealand’s survey system, and technical detail including survey system publications, and cadastral survey rules, standards and guidelines. 

  • Canterbury earthquakes

    Information for surveyors, lawyers and conveyancers following the Canterbury earthquakes.

  • Notices, projects & statistics

    Information on current programmes and projects, up-to-date processing statistics, plus news and notices on survey and title topics.

  • Glossary

    A glossary of technical terms used for processes and records relating to land.

  • Forms

    A list of all forms used to request copies, or to update land records.

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