• Role of the Valuer-General

    Learn about the legislation governing the role of the Valuer-General.

  • Audits of rating valuations

    Understand how the Valuer-General audits the valuations made by local authorities.

  • Notices

    Find current and archived public notices issued by the Valuer-General.

  • Reviews

    Find reviews issued by the Valuer-General.

  • Rules & guidelines

    Download the full documentation for property valuation rules and guidelines published by the Valuer-General.

  • Valuers Registration Board

    The Valuers Registration Board (VRB) regulates registered valuers and investigates complaints against them.

  • Valuation publications

    Download manuals, registration forms and other resources on the valuation profession.

  • Property valuation in New Zealand

    Find out about property valuations, how to contact a registered valuer, how to check property details, and more.