New Zealand’s COVID-19 response is operating in the traffic light system of red, orange and green.

Our approach is guided by Toitū Te Whenua policies and workplace guidelines, and visitors need to follow these requirements.

While we review our vaccination policy alongside recent changes to government guidance, you need a vaccination pass to enter our workplace (other than reception areas that are open to the public).

COVID-19 Protection Framework

Our services and offices

Most of our services continue to operate as normal under all traffic light settings.

All our offices are currently open and operating at orange, with post and courier documents being processed. Our visitor requirements include:

  • signing in, including showing your My Vaccine Pass
  • wearing a face covering, and
  • keeping a one-metre distance from others.

Short term visitors to our offices’ reception areas (such as couriers) are not required to show a My Vaccine Pass.

You can access our services via our contact centre that is open under all traffic light settings:

Contact us

Changes and advice for specific services


Camping areas


Authority and identity requirements and electronic signing of documents interim guideline

This interim guideline is intended as a guide to how practitioners may meet Toitū Te Whenua requirements while COVID-19 restrictions apply.

Authority and identity requirements and electronic signing of documents interim guideline 2020 - LINZ OP GO1247

Completing statutory declarations remotely

LINZ will accept statutory declarations completed in accordance with the following protocols:

Signing documents remotely

A summary of our existing guidance regarding signing documents remotely and how we’ve modified that guidance to deal with COVID-19 restrictions. 

Signing documents remotely

Enduring powers of attorney

We will accept documents signed under an enduring power of attorney completed remotely in accordance with:

The Epidemic Preparedness (Protection of Personal and Property Rights Act 1988 - Enduring Powers of Attorney) Immediate Modification Order 2020

For further details see the Ministry of Justice's guidance:

Signing and witnessing EPAs during COVID-19

Withholding land ownership details

An application to withhold information under the Land Transfer Act 2017 requires a statutory declaration from the applicant. The statutory declaration may be made remotely.

Completing statutory declarations remotely

Transferring your digital certificate

If you need to transfer your digital certificate to an alternate device, please follow these instructions

Transfer your digital certificate

If you encounter any issues or require assistance with this process, contact our support team on 0800 665 463.

Camping areas

At all traffic light settings our camping areas and boat ramps are open. We ask visitors to please follow the government’s COVID-19 traffic light guidelines, including maintaining physical distancing and staying home if you feel unwell.

Last Updated: 5 April 2022