The Toitū Te Whenua property information system helps people, organisations and government make decisions about the use of property.

The system includes:

  • property boundaries
  • zoning (how land and property can be used)
  • rating valuation (for the funding of local government services like sewerage, rubbish collection, water provision, and recreational, arts, environmental and community services)
  • market values (allowing mortgages to be raised and lodged on titles, and helping with the sale and transfer of property assets)
  • sales history (including the history of a property’s value)
  • property addresses (for mail and courier services, emergency services, and utilities like power and water)
  • utility and infrastructure connections
  • electoral boundaries
  • place names
  • resource and building consents
  • building information (giving emergency services, finance companies and insurance companies information about the building).


Property professionals use Landonline to update title and survey data.

Land records and register of titles

Land records provide information on the legal ownership of private land and land owned or managed by the Crown.

Toitū Te Whenua holds the register of titles, New Zealand’s record of the legal ownership of land.

Survey rules

Toitū Te Whenua sets the rules of licensed cadastral surveyors, and ensures that the records of New Zealand’s land boundaries are accurate.

Property addressing

Local councils allocate or change property numbers and street names, and Toitū Te Whenua ensures they meet certain addressing standards and guidelines.