This consultation was on the proposed new fees for cadastral survey and land title products and services.

This consultation closed on Friday 9 April 2021

You can see the decisions made in the information release below.

New Fees for LINZ Survey and Title Services

About the consultation

We maintain the land ownership and transfer register and cadastral survey records that the property market and land development use.

We charge a fee for using these services. Our main customers are solicitors, conveyancers and surveyors, who pass these costs on to their clients.

We are planning online sessions to present the fee proposals during the week starting 22 March 2021. Please email us at by 17 March 2021 to express your interest in joining a session.

Proposed fee increases

The proposed fee increases will affect the legal and surveying costs of buying and selling houses and developing property. The proposed title fee increases will add about $10 to $40 to the conveyancing cost of buying or selling a house. The proposed survey fee increases will add about $500 to the cost of lodging survey data for a small subdivision (involving two primary parcels and three easements). The cost impact is higher for more complex survey projects.

Some example situations where fees are proposed to increase

Example situationTypical interaction with LINZCurrent FeesProposed fees
Subdividing a residential property

Lodging survey data for a subdivision involving two primary parcels and three easements

A small residential development

Subdivision with 10 primary parcels and 15 easements

A larger residential development

Subdivision with 100 primary parcels and 50 easements

Buying an existing house

Fees for electronically lodging a title instrument (e.g., a mortgage) and registering, noting, or depositing that instrument

Buying a new build with no previous owner

Creating Record of Title


Changing some property boundaries

Depositing a survey plan in the Land Register


Checking the ownership of a property

Copy of a title, instrument, or survey plan (electronic)


Searching for older property information not in digital register

Copy of a title, instrument, or survey plan (manual)


Have your say on the proposed new fees

Read the consultation document (PDF 689KB)

This consultation closed at 5pm on Friday 9 April 2021

Last Updated: 1 February 2022