LINZ clears and manages Crown-owned properties in the residential red zone areas in greater Christchurch.

During the COVID-19 Alert 4 period, we are maintaining critical services, including security and urgent maintenance, for Crown-owned red zone and Central Business District land in Christchurch.

We are continuing to implement the September 2019 Global Settlement Agreement, including reconfiguring red zone land to hand over to Christchurch City Council. 

We are working with Christchurch City Council, and with applicants, to consider all transitional land use requests as quickly as possible.

To assist with the delivery of central city anchor projects, we’re working with our contractors to determine essential services needed during the lock-down, plus the programme of works that will immediately follow it.

COVID-19 information about LINZ services

Our specific responsibilities are: 

  • leading the handover of Crown-owned residential red zone land so it progressively becomes owned and managed by Christchurch City Council
  • clearing Crown-owned buildings and land, mainly in the Port Hills residential red zone
  • day-to-day maintenance of the land 
  • assessing requests to access and to use the land temporarily. 

Currently we do not make offers to buy properties from red zone residents. 

Last Updated: 26 March 2020