The ownership and management of Crown-owned red zone land in greater Christchurch is being progressively transferred from the Crown to Christchurch City Council as part of supporting the city’s regeneration.

Aerial image of the OARC area
OARC Red Zone aerial image. Credit: CCC Newsline

In late 2015 as the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) wound down, LINZ took over responsibility for managing Crown-owned red zone land and the Crown’s land acquisitions for Christchurch Anchor Projects.

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Red-zoned land in the Port Hills, Brooklands, Southshore and South New Brighton, along with the historic Bill Sutton House, are now owned by the Council.

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Ownership of Crown-owned Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor land is transferring progressively in phases as the 5,500 property titles are reconfigured. Christchurch City Council now has operational management responsibility for this land.

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The land transfer is part of the September 2019 Global Settlement Agreement, a contract between the Crown and Council to finalise the remaining costs and responsibilities for Christchurch’s earthquake recovery and regeneration.

DateActivityLink for more info
June 2021Canterbury Multi-Use Arena - LINZ acquires final land required for this anchor project.Land acquisitions for Christchurch anchor projects
May 2021Port Hills red zone - LINZ transfers ownership of about 80ha of Crown-owned land to the Council 
Mar 2021Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor red zone - LINZ gifts red-zoned house to Richmond Community Gardens Trust to run on behalf of the wider community. 
Dec 2020Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor red zone - LINZ works in partnership with the Council to develop 29 scheme plans for the property title reconfiguration. 
Dec 2020Parakiore Recreation and Sport Centre LINZ acquires final land required for this anchor project. 
Nov 2020South Frame Anchor Project - LINZ brokers agreement for final land acquisition. 
Sep 2020Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor red zone - LINZ gifts fully renovated historic Sutton House to the Council. 
Aug 2020Brooklands, Southshore/South New Brighton red zone - LINZ transfers ownership of 70ha of Crown-owned land to the Council. 
1 Jul 2020Brooklands, Southshore/South New Brighton and Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor red zones - LINZ transfers management of 6,000 Crown-owned properties to the Council. 
May 2020Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor red zone - LINZ completes review of 16,300 interests in nearly 5,500 property titles. 
May 2020Te Tira Kāhikuhiku - Community-based consultative group established by the Council and LINZ to provide recommendations on red zone temporary land-use applications.Te Tira Kāhikuhiku
Mar 2020Performing Arts Precinct - Te Whare Tapere - LINZ acquires final piece of land needed for this Anchor Project. 
23 Sep 2019Global Settlement Agreement signed between the Crown and Council, focusing on the transition to local leadership.Global Settlement Agreement
Aug 2019Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor - Regeneration Plan approved.  
May 2019The Pines Beach and Kairaki - LINZ leads the transfer of about 5ha of Crown-owned land to Te Kōhaka o Tūhaitara Trust. 
Apr 2019Residential Red Zone Crown offers close. 
Mar 2019Kaiapoi, The Pines Beach and Kairaki - LINZ leads the transfer of about 80ha of Crown-owned land to Waimakariri District Council as part of delivering the Waimakariri Recovery Plan. 
Aug 2018Final Residential Red Zone voluntary Crown offer announced. 
Jun 2018Kaiapoi, Kairaki and The Pines Beach - Land transfer agreements signed for about 65ha of Crown-owned land. 
Dec 2016Waimakariri Residential Red Zone - Recovery Plan approved. 
Apr 2016Wind-up of CERA – full transfer of management responsibilities to LINZ for Crown-owned red zone and central city land. 
Dec 2015CERA operational responsibilities start transferring to LINZ. 
Jun 2011Voluntary Crown offer process starts for the worst-affected earthquake-damaged areas, known as the residential red zones. 
Apr 2011Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) established. 
22 Feb 2011Magnitude 6.3 Canterbury earthquake, centred on Christchurch. 
4 Sep 2010Magnitude 7.1 Canterbury earthquake, centred near Darfield. 
Last Updated: 7 January 2022