Auckland City at night

Building New Zealand’s prosperity by making it easier to find, use and share location information.

New Zealand’s geodetic system is the foundation that helps all of us build the same understanding of where is ‘where’. This positioning system is an extensive network of reference marks that allows us to accurately measure and locate New Zealand’s physical features. Once that’s determined, we’re able to produce maps and marine charts, and set and identify property boundaries.

The greatest value of the geodetic system is when it’s used with other data – and we manage a large number of datasets related to New Zealand’s land and sea. The LINZ Data Service provides these for use, reuse and sharing – for free. It’s how we encourage enterprise and innovation, by making it easier for individuals, businesses and agencies to develop new products and services.

And the possibilities are limitless. Location information – or geospatial data – is any information that can be linked to a location reference point. It has the potential to drive innovation and greater productivity across the economy. It can provide the solid evidence invaluable to planning and decision-making. In these ways, location information has the potential to improve the safety and wellbeing of New Zealand communities.