LINZ geodetic mark data can be downloaded via the LINZ Data Service, the Geodetic Database or via the KML Service.

LINZ Geodetic Database

To download geodetic mark data via the Geodetic Database (GDB), search for geodetic marks by geodetic code, name, or location:

Search on a map
Search by text

Once marks have been chosen and saved for download, select output file format. If the output format is CSV, various attributes including coordinate system can be modified using the “Select attributes” button. Downloading marks via the GDB is an efficient way of downloading a small selection of marks. If you need to download all geodetic mark data, go to the LINZ Data Service section below.

LINZ Data Service

The LINZ Data Service (LDS) holds geodetic mark data and much more. Unlike the Geodetic Database, the LDS requires users to register before downloading data (registration is free). All geodetic marks can be downloaded at once or the crop function can be used to minimise extent of the download area.  

LINZ Data Service

As an indication of the size of the Geodetic Marks layers, the NZ Geodetic Marks layer downloaded as a shapefile is approximately 10MB and the other Geodetic Marks layers, listed below, are even smaller.  

NZ Geodetic Marks
NZ Geodetic Vertical Marks
Antarctic Geodetic Marks
Antarctic Geodetic Vertical Marks

For information about using LDS for the first time, see Getting started with LDS and LDS 101:

Getting started with LDS
LDS 101 (Youtube link)

KML Service

For information on the KML Service, see Access Geodetic Mark Data via KML File.


Last Updated: 22 February 2021