LINZ maintains geodetic data in Landonline - a system which integrates the geodetic, cadastral, and land titles data. Landonline stores information about the geodetic marks and also observations between the marks.

The Landonline geodetic mark data can be searched online or accessed via a KML file.

The geodetic mark data is also freely available for download. A simple list of geodetic marks can be downloaded from /ftp/gdb/simple/. This consists of just the mark codes, names, and New Zealand Geodetic Datum latitude, longitude, and ellipsoidal height for each mark. This data set is updated daily.

Alternatively the complete geodetic mark data set can be downloaded. This is a relatively complex data set comprising 23 tables of data. The complete data set is compiled monthly, with updates being available on a daily basis (there may be some days when the daily update is not generated due to other system activities). Documentation of these tables can be downloaded in HTML format from /ftp/gdb/ To view the documentation, unzip the contents into a directory and open the file index.html with a web browser.

The monthly extracts are available at /ftp/gdb/full/. The extracts are in files named where yyyymmddhhmm is the date and approximate time that the data was extracted from Landonline. The monthly extract usually happens on the first weekend of each month.

The daily incremental updates are available at /ftp/gdb/incremental/ and are stored in files named

These data sets do not include mark diagrams and site photographs, which are available for some of the marks. Images for geodetic marks may be downloaded from /ftp/gdb/images/marks.  For a mark with code ABCD the images are stored in subdirectory named A/AB/ABC/ABCD. A list of all images in these directories is available as /ftp/gdb/images/image-list.csv also available as a zip file /ftp/gdb/images/ This list is updated daily.