Our free basemaps allow you to create your own maps using the latest open data from LINZ.

Explore our basemaps

LINZ Basemaps uses the latest data from LINZ and other authoritative open data sources the bring you free basemaps for your applications. Use our APIs to stream map tiles direct from the Cloud for quality and performance. Our APIs are consumable by any mapping app - GIS, web or mobile.

Our basemaps proudly place New Zealand at the centre, bringing you full coverage of the mainland and offshore islands, with the major urban areas in high resolution. Our APIs are available in New Zealand's own mapping projection NZTM to give you the best view of Aotearoa, as well as the web standard Web Mercator.

Aerial imagery basemap

Our ready to use aerial imagery basemap details New Zealand in high resolution - from a nationwide view all the way down to individual buildings.

This basemap combines the latest high-resolution aerial imagery down to 5cm in urban areas and 10m satellite imagery to provide full coverage of mainland New Zealand, Chathams and other offshore islands.

Our Basemaps are powered by data from the LINZ Data Service and other authoritative open data sources, providing you with a basemap that is free to use under an open licence.


  • Updated regularly with the latest data
  • Full coverage of New Zealand and offshore islands
  • High resolution imagery of up to 5cm in cities and other major urban areas
  • Zoom down to level 22 for high detail

Next up...

We will be continually improving our Aerial Imagery basemap based on customer feedback. So use it and tell us how you think we could make it better for you.

We are also exploring vector tile technology and the benefits in responsiveness and customisation it would bring to a topographical map product.

Last Updated: 31 August 2020