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Residential property development

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Transacting land transfers? Here you‘ll find references you need for all land dealings. Use our regulatory document search to quickly find regulations and guidelines. Consult user guidelines for e-dealing and e-search before working through the land registration process on Landonline.  Avoid unnecessary delays by checking for common errors.  You can also tap into advice on aspects such as handling supporting documents and what your options are when receiving rejections. 

Buying ‘sensitive’ or high-value New Zealand assets on behalf of a client? You can check the fees, learn about the application process, search for helpful resources or review our library of Overseas Investment Office decision summaries. 

Need to know more about Crown land processes? View the status and location of Crown pastoral land. Check the tenure review process for leases or check the standards and guidelines for acquiring Crown land.

Working with land that is part of a Treaty settlement? Consult the regulations and standards governing that govern administration and disposal of these resources.


Changes under the new Land Transfer Act 2017

The Land Transfer Act 2017 (the Act), which came into effect on 12 November 2018, is modernising how land ownership is registered in New Zealand. Following consultation with stakeholders and the public the legislation was updated to become more accessible, maintain the certainty of property rights, and enable the register to be managed electronically. 
Supporting the Act are a number of new regulations, standards and directives, which you can learn about on our website. Read more.