Landonline software requirements

Landonline runs within a Citrix session on a Windows browser, so your choice of operating system, Internet browser and Citrix Receiver can directly affect your user experience.

Please note that this software is not part of the Landonline Application, however is required for access to Landonline.

Windows operating system

Options we recommend as at 1 October 2019:

  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10

We recommend you upgrade your operating system (OS) if using these products:

  • Windows XP:  Microsoft support ended in April 2014. We strongly recommend you upgrade to a later OS.
  • Windows Vista: : We suggest you upgrade to a later OS because the Landonline user base is very small (approx 2%).  Our support desk has limited knowledge of this OS.
  • Windows 7: Please upgrade to SP1 or a later OS
  • Windows 8.0: Please upgrade to 8.1 or a later OS.

For Virtual Desktop (VDI) environments please refer to Setting up Landonline in a Virtual Desktop (VDI) environment.

Landonline is not designed to work with other Operating Systems such as Linux, Unix, BSD, OS X, Chromium, IOS, etc.  Users may find that they can get various components to work, and while Landonline does not block such activity, it is not supported, nor encouraged.

See also - Notice for Landonline customers using unsupported software

Windows Internet browser

Options we recommend as at 1 October 2019:

  • Edge (the browser that comes with Windows 10)
  • Internet Explorer 11

Other options in use by some Landonline users

  • Chrome: Currently used by some Landonline users but may require some technical expertise or IT services support to run Landonline.
  • Internet Explorer - Metro: This is the version of Internet Explorer that opens when in Windows 8’s Metro interface. Some limited testing suggests this should work however you may prefer the desktop versions of Internet Explorer.
  • Firefox

We strongly recommend you upgrade if using Internet Explorer 7 and earlier. Please upgrade to a later version as known security issues exist. Note that IE 6 will no longer connect to Landonline due to updated security protocols.

See also - Notice for Landonline customers using unsupported software

Citrix Receiver / Workspace

We recommend you download the latest version of Citrix Receiver from the Citrix website.

For the full instructions on downloading Citrix Receiver see Citrix Receiver download and installation

UniPrint Client

Installation of the Uniprint Client is optional but is required if you wish to print from Landonline. We recommend you install the latest version that we have tested to avoid potential Landonline compatibility issues.

The latest version we have tested is available from our web site.
Uniprint Client 5.2: Released February 2014, downloadable from the software download page.

The latest version from Uniprint is available from their download site, but may not be tested. 
Uniprint Client Software:

Other client side software that needs to be installed

The following software is supplied by LINZ and downloadable from software download page.

Landonline components (May 2015)

This is a required download, and contains the font library used by Landonline’s spatial windows.

Digisign software (version 2.0, 2010)

This is a required download for conveyancers, surveyors, and territorial authority certification staff who need to perform digital signing in Landonline.

Landonline print-to-tiff driver (version 3.0.3, 2013)

This is an optional download that provides the ability to create TIFF images for upload to Landonline.

DC loader wizard (version, December 2014)

The DC Loader Wizard automates the digital download process, making it easier to load, renew and move a digital certificate.

The update fixes some issues that customer have experienced with renewing Digital certificates. If you have downloaded we recommend you replace it with

Last Updated: 1 October 2019