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In New Zealand, we can be confident of our property rights because of the strong survey and legal framework supporting land ownership.

Houses in Wellington

LINZ is responsible for providing and maintaining the certainty of private property ownership, by recording survey and land title information and by making this information available to support economic activity.

In this section, you can find out about the two ways to access the registration system:

  • e-dealing – land professionals deal electronically with each other and LINZ through Landonline. Read more under 'Prepare and submit your dealing'.
  • manual dealing – physical presentation of instruments (documents) by post or to the dropbox at a LINZ office, which are then processed and recorded in Landonline. Read more under ‘Manual dealing’.

Looking for fees and charges? See a list of land registration and Landonline fees

Need help with Landonline? Find self-help and technical support information for Landonline

Want to search the Land Register? Order a copy of a title

Last Updated: 28 April 2020