Find issues common across all releases, plus current issues for dealings and survey lodgement.

System issues and urgent messages

Error 10013 password not synchronised

We are aware of a 10013 error some users are experiencing.

Login and reset your password using our web-search

Once you’ve reset your password you’ll be able to login again.

Alert for surveyors submitting plans

We are aware of the error "Predefined Message - an unidentified error has occurred in signing" after a user enters their password when submitting their plan. If you do receive this error, please follow this link to reinstall your Digital signing software: Digisign2 

Some customers may need to update their Citrix Receiver software to access Landonline

A required software security update on the weekend caused an issue on Monday 30 March. This resulted in customers with out of date Citrix software being unable to access Landonline.

Customers who receive this error message during the login process, should upgrade to Citrix Workspace by following the instructions on the Citrix Receiver download and installation page.

Citrix error message


Please note: Landonline signing customers will also need to reinstall Digisign2

We apologise for the inconvenience at this difficult time.

For a range of Landonline service updates relating to COVID-19

COVID-19: information about LINZ services

Authority and Identity Requirements and Electronic Signing of Documents Interim Guideline 2020 – LINZ OP G 012467

Known application issues

LINZ continuously maintains Landonline to keep it current, with most updates being implemented via an application release. The latest application releases, and known issues from all releases, are listed below.

Last Updated: 13 October 2020