Download the latest User Guides for Landonline, or take a look at the other resources on our site, where you'll find helpful information on dealings, survey lodgement, and searching in Landonline.

The Landonline User Guides are reviewed with each Landonline Release, and the latest available version can be downloaded from the section at the bottom of this page.

Help is also available in the following places:

  • When you're in Landonline, simply press F1 to get pop-up help for the screen you're on.
  • Landwrap is our email newsletter and will keep you updated on legislative changes and tips to help you get the most out of your time using Landonline. Subscribe to Landwrap
  • Our website holds a lot of useful information - below, we've listed the places that all new users (and not-so-new users!) should know about.

Land registration activities

  • Land registration menu - provides the basics of dealing in Landonline (and manual lodgement)
  • KnowledgeBase - search or browse for detailed information on land registration activities

Survey lodgement

  • Surveying menu - provides the basics of survey lodgement in Landonline
  • KnowledgeBase - search or browse for detailed information on survey capture and lodgement

Searching in Landonline

Technical help

Call us

Phone 0800 665 463 to talk to our customer support team. 

Last Updated: 12 July 2019