Find digital and paper topographic maps for New Zealand, offshore islands, and Pacific and Antarctic regions in scales of 1:50,000, 1:250,000 and smaller, and topographic data.

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Getting hold of a LINZ topographic map for New Zealand is easy and convenient. You can download digital images of most of the maps we produce right here on this website. You can also download digital images and vector data through the LINZ Data Service.

Find out more about map reading and coordinates.

  • TheTopo50 Map Reading Guide explains the Topo50 series of maps, how to read them, and how to navigate using a map.
    Topo50Map Reading Guide(PDF 1.51 MB)
  • The 'Where in the World are we?' Guide contains information on datums and projections in New Zealand. The guide is intended for casual users of maps and navigation devices who want to know more about the coordinates that they use. 
    Where in the Worldare we? (PDF 1.14 MB)