The Topo250 map series provides topographic mapping for the New Zealand mainland and Chatham Islands at 1:250,000 scale.

To produce our Topo250 maps of the New Zealand mainland we use:

  • the New Zealand Geodetic Datum 2000 (NZGD2000) – the coordinates of longitude and latitude

  • the New Zealand Transverse Mercator 2000 (NZTM2000) projection – this is what enables the curved mathematical surface approximating the Earth to be represented on a flat sheet of paper. 

To produce our Topo250 maps of the Chatham Islands we use:

  • the Chatham Islands Transverse Mercator 2000 (CITM2000) projection.

Topo250 sheet index

The sheet index shows you the areas covered by each map sheet, and their name and sheet code so that you can find and download the map you need.

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Topo250 map sheet updates

Topo250 map sheets are based on the Topo50 map series. Topo50 map sheets are updated based on many criteria including the availability of new aerial imagery, significant change in the topography and when the sheet was last updated.

Printed paper maps

Use our search tool to locate your nearest map retailer where you can purchase paper maps.

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Download a digital Topo250 map with Map Chooser

Use our Map Chooser to select and download a map for the area you want at 1:250,000. You can download these maps free as image files provided at 300 DPI, as either:

  • a TIFF – shows the whole map including the legend and index
  • a GeoTIFF – shows the spatial data area only (without legend or index), with georeferencing that automatically aligns your chosen map with adjacent maps within GIS systems.

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Important information when reading your Topo250 Map

  • Representation of a road or track does not necessarily indicate public right of access. For access rights, maps and other information, contact the New Zealand Walking Access Commission –
  • The Department of Conservation and other agencies should be contacted for the latest information on tracks and back country huts. Closed tracks are defined as being no longer maintained or passable and should not be used.
  • Not all aerial wires, cableways and obstructions that could be hazardous to aircraft are shown on the map.
  • Contours and spot elevations in forest and snow areas may be less accurate.

Private and public roads

Our topographic maps and data are an official record of New Zealand’s landscape, and we have a responsibility to show both private and public roads and tracks. This is necessary information for emergency services who may need to use private roads and tracks to gain access to an emergency scene, and is also important for capturing change to our landscape over time.

Roads and tracks shown on our maps are not necessarily accessible to the public. This is stated on the maps and in the metadata for the datasets used to produce them.

It is not possible to accurately show which roads and tracks are public and which are private. This information can change often, and in some cases ownership or access to a road or track is not clear.

Information on public access can be found on the New Zealand Walking Access Commission website

TIFF format example

GeoTIFF format example

Georeferencing keys in the GeoTIFFGeoreferencing value
PCSCitationGeoKey (Ascii,60)

"Transverse Mercator; New Zealand Geodetic Datum 2000; GRS80"

ProjectionGeoKey (Short,1)User-Defined
ProjectionGeoKey (Short,1)CT_TransverseMercator
ProjLinearUnitsGeoKey (Short,1)Linear_Meter
ProjNatOriginLongGeoKey (Double,1)173
ProjNatOriginLatGeoKey (Double,1)0
ProjFalseEastingGeoKey (Double,1)1 600 000
ProjFalseNorthingGeoKey (Double,1)10 000 000
ProjScaleAtNatOriginGeoKey (Double,1)0.9996
Ellipsoid7019/GRS 1980 (6378137.00,6356752.31)
Projection Linear Units9001/metre (1.000000m)
Corner Coordinates (eg)

Upper Left (1876000.000,5658000.000)
Lower Left (1876000.000,5640000.000)
Upper Right (1900000.000,5658000.000)
Lower Right (1900000.000,5640000.000)
Centre (1888000.000,5649000.000)

Last Updated: 23 December 2021