TA e-certification provides the facility for Territorial Authorities (TAs) to log on to Landonline, locate an e-survey in their workspace, and certify it online. This allows for simultaneous TA e-certification before or after the e-survey is lodged with LINZ.

TA e-certification also includes all the functionality of e-search plus.

All survey firms now lodge survey plans electronically using Landonline e-survey.  TAs are encouraged to certify plans electronically using TA e-certification to help streamline the end-to-end electronic process for surveys.  However, TAs still have the option of certifying on paper if they wish to do so.

User guide

The TA e-certification user guide contains information on:

  • Workspace
  • How to search for a user or Landonline account
  • The TA e-certification workflow in Landonline
  • System management.


Fees and charges

Looking for information on fees? Go to our fees page for Landonline licence and transaction fees.

Last Updated: 5 October 2020