30 May 2018

Issue 142


This month's Landwrap has details about the recent Landonline issues, mortgagee consent to deposit of plan, consultation on fees for land titles products and services, and the digitisation of records in the North Island.


Recent Landonline issues

All Landonline users

We’ve been doing some work in May on Landonline to fix some isolated incidents affecting your connectivity and logins.  

We know that it’s important you have reliable access to the Landonline system and we regret any inconvenience these system interruptions have caused.

The recent issues affecting Landonline have now been fixed, and we have been carrying out urgent work to stop them from happening again. 

If you are still experiencing Citrix connectivity issues, please use the new online reporting form. Your reports are vital in helping us isolate the cause.

Behind the scenes, several system technology upgrades are planned over June and July. The upgrades will not affect your ability to use Landonline. However, they will allow us to continue to ensure support for the system is there when we need it. This work is part of our ongoing commitment to make sure Landonline is up to date.

Thank you for your patience. We will continue to monitor many areas of the platform and we will be keeping you informed about progress.


Mortgagee consent to deposit of plan


Section 224 of the Resource Management Act (RMA) requires written consent from a mortgagee where land is being vested in the Crown or a territorial authority on deposit of a plan.

We have recently seen an increase in the number of mortgagee consents provided in the form of bank letters of instruction to solicitors.

Letters of instruction do not meet the requirements of the RMA. They are often unsigned and they frequently contain personal information relating to the borrowers.

Letters of instruction are routinely used by banks to provide authority to solicitors to discharge mortgages. However, this is different from consenting under the RMA because solicitors must certify discharges of mortgage, while they are not required to certify plan deposits under the RMA.

Mortgagee consent to the deposit of a plan should be provided using the approved annexure schedule consent form “46” or a consent form prepared by solicitors that contains the necessary information and is executed by the mortgagee.

See Land registration forms.


Fees for land title products and services - consultation closed

All Landonline users

Thank you to those that submitted on the proposal regarding fees for land title products and services to remain at current rates. Consultation closed on 27 April and we are now reviewing submissions.

The existing title fees are set out by the Land Transfer Regulations 2002. When the Land Transfer Act 2017 is enacted at the end of 2018, those regulations will be revoked: the replacement regulations will use language that reflects the terminology of the new Act.

We are planning for the submissions and recommendations to be published on our website in July.


Digitisation of records in the North Island


LINZ is nearing the end of a major digitisation programme for some of the most heavily used North Island records. The work is being done by Wellington-based New Zealand Micrographic Services (NZMS), a company with a proven record in handing fragile historical records. The records for digitisation had to be refined down from a considerably larger list, but include both colour imperial plans and Field books


We have had high quality replacement Landonline images for the South Auckland colour imperial plans made. These have been created in two parts, as a high resolution copy in JPEG 2000 and a lower size JPEG version of under 10MB. The smaller image can go straight into Landonline for an immediate improvement in usability and quality, while the higher resolution image will be retained for the day our systems can manage the larger sized items. After digitisation the original records will go to LINZ’s offsite storage facility. The digitisation includes some larger plans that were rolled or folded and some burnt plans. These have created issues in the past when trying to get a good image into Landonline but the replacement images will be a considerable improvement for viewing accurate colours and fine or faded details.

Field Books

We are also digitising around 15,000 North Island Cadastral Survey Field books up until 1972 when the metric system was introduced. Due to their fragility, digitisation is slower as it requires specialised handling and cameras. Once the digitisation work is complete we intend to make these images accessible via Landonline. After digitisation we are transferring the originals to Archives Auckland (for North Auckland, South Auckland and Gisborne) and to storage in Wellington (for Taranaki, Wellington and Hawkes Bay) waiting until Archives Wellington has space available. At Archives the books can be looked after as the irreplaceable historical records that they are, and people can access them physically if needed. However, surveyors should be able to search electronically through any of the North Island field books and decide exactly which pages are relevant to their enquiry rather than needing to contact LINZ or Archives.

Provisional Registers

The Provisional Registers for North Auckland, South Auckland and Taranaki Registers don’t fit comfortably into Landonline, for both size and data-matching reasons. We are digitising them so that when someone requests an image it can be supplied immediately without having to copy the increasingly fragile volumes. We are planning on making these records available in their entirety to search through.

Media enquiries

Email: media@linz.govt.nz or phone: 027 566 5251