12 July 2018

Issue 143


This month's Landwrap has details about an outage as part of the release of Landonline 3.18, some good news about the security built into Landonline, and an invitation to have your say on the PositioNZ network.

Landonline Release 3.18 (Powerbuilder 2017 R2)

All Landonline users

Please note that Landonline will be unavailable on Saturday 28 July 2018 for Landonline release 3.18.

This release updates the software used by Landonline Workspace so that it is running on the latest available version. You won’t notice much of a difference, however, the release is necessary to ensure our software remains fully supported.

There will be a slight change to Uniprint which you may notice, if you use the Uniprint preview. More information about this change is available on our website. The changes are only cosmetic everywhere else.

The next significant Landonline release is likely to be the release required for the Land Transfer Act updates on the weekend of 10 November 2018. We will remind you closer to the time and provide guidance on the changes.

Keeping our property system secure

All Landonline users

You may have seen the recent media articles about a former Masterchef star having hackers steal the money put aside by her lawyer to purchase a property. It was reported that the thieves happened to hack PEXA – Australia’s property exchange system – you can read the NZ Herald article here.

In New Zealand property transactions are managed through Landonline,  a robust and secure system which does not run on or have any connection with the PEXA platform.

Unlike PEXA, Landonline doesn’t deal with funds transfers or exchange of money for property transactions. In New Zealand these monetary transactions are managed separately between lawyers and banks.

LINZ ensures the integrity of property transactions by making sure we have strong security arrangements in place – one key aspect is the digital certificate lawyers and conveyancers must have in order to access the system.

“It’s worth noting that in the Australian example problems arose because the lawyer’s email account was hacked,” says Robbie Muir, LINZ Registrar-General of Land.

“This is a good reminder to practitioners to ensure they have appropriate security practices in place for their email systems. The New Zealand Law Society has previously published an advisory on this.

“In Landonline,  licenses and digital certificates form an important part of  the security measures in place to maintain the integrity  of the system. LINZ tightly controls who has access to Landonline services by issuing each individual user with their own user ID and digital certificate.

“In this way, only authorised users can access the system and LINZ knows what has been searched, viewed, altered, signed, submitted, and by whom.

“I do keep in touch regularly with my contacts in Australia. It will be interesting to see what eventuates as a result of the recently publicity around PEXA .”

Have your say on the future of the PositioNZ network


LINZ is seeking input about the way you currently use the products and services provided by the LINZ PositioNZ network. The results will be used to make sure your GNSS/GPS needs are met into the future.

The survey should take 5 minutes to fill out and is open until Monday 13 August 2018.


Media enquiries

Email: media@linz.govt.nz or phone: 027 566 5251