Standard for verification of identity for registration under the Land Transfer Act 1952 - LINZS20002

This standard sets out the minimum requirements for verifying identity for the purpose of registering land transactions.

Document Status: Superceded
Document Number: 20002
Regulatory Area: Land titles
Document Type: Standards
Published date: 30 October 2013

The legal obligation to verify identity is an essential safeguard against identity fraud in conveyancing transactions.

A practitioner may discharge this obligation by personally carrying out identity checks or by delegating this function to another trusted person. However, the practitioner who certifies the transaction is responsible for the adequacy of the identity verification.

The guidance section of the standard has been amended since it was published in 2011 to include:

  • a recommendation to retain file notes under 'Delegating verification of identity'

  • additional guidance for practitioners who know the landowner personally

  • new guidance on rates demands

  • new guidance where a client's name on their photographic ID does not match the computer register.