In certain circumstances prescribed by statute, notices, and other instruments which have the effect of preventing or restricting dealings with land, referred to in this guideline as “stop notices,” may be lodged for entry in the Register.

Document Status: Superceded
Document Number: 20706
Regulatory Area: Land titles
Document Type: Guideline
Published date: 11 February 2011

This guideline suggests procedures which, if followed, will generally ensure compliance with the statutory requirements governing the following forms of stop notice:

  • caveats,
  • notices of interest under the Property Relationships Act 1976,
  • statutory land charges, and
  • charging orders.

It is intended for use by:

  • persons with delegated authority to undertake registration functions on behalf of the Registrar-General of Land, and
  • conveyancers who lodge stop notices or act on behalf of affected landowners.