Authority and Identity Requirements for E-Dealing Guideline 2018 – LINZG20775

Most electronic instruments may be lodged with LINZ only after the certifying practitioner with authority to act for the party certifies the instrument in accordance with regulation 7 of the Land Transfer Regulations 2018.

Document Status: Current
Document Number: 20775
Regulatory Area: Land titles
Document Type: Guideline
Published date: 12 November 2018

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This guideline is to assist practitioners understand their obligations when making e-dealing certifications regarding authority and identity. It focuses on practitioners’ obligations to:

  • ensure they have proper authority from their client; 
  • take reasonable steps to ensure their client has legal capacity;
  • verify the identity of their client; and
  • retain the evidence they have relied on to support those certifications.

Note: This guideline was amended on 10 September 2021. For details, read the Landwrap article on the amendments to the guideline.

The Registrar-General has issued interim guidance related to this Guideline and the use of audio-visual methods to complete client A&I forms and ID verification when working remotely.

Updated Date: Friday, 3 January 2020