Now official

Hillpark (suburb) is assigned as an official geographic name

Published in the New Zealand Gazette on 26 August 2021.


A suburb within Manurewa, Auckland. Generally bounded by State Highway 1 to the east, Alfriston Road to the south, Great South Road to the west and Puhinui Creek to the north.


  • NZGB proposal report for Hillpark (PDF 508KB) – The NZGB considered this proposal report at its hui on 27 July 2020. The report was been updated to note the NZGB’s decision to consult for two months. The proposal was notified for two months from 9 September to 9 November 2020 for public submissions supporting or objecting to the name.
  • NZGB submission report for Hillpark (PDF 523KB) – The NZGB considered this report on the submissions for Hillpark at its 20 April 2021 hui.


See the File Attachments section below for the media release for this proposal.


Map showing the proposed suburb to be named Hillpark, and its proximity to Manurewa and Wirir

Download high-resolution image of proposed Hillpark suburb boundaries (PDF 10MB)