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Charts, tide predictions, notices and warnings to ensure safe navigation in New Zealand waters.

Every time someone ventures into New Zealand's area of charting responsibility they face risks – from the conditions, from tides, from potential hazards. Many marine features and hazards aren’t visible to the eye, and, as the sea is constantly changing, so are those features and hazards.

Reliable up-to-date information is vital for safe navigation. That’s our job as the New Zealand Hydrographic Authority (NZHA), located within LINZ. Experts in hydrography – the science of surveying and mapping the sea floor and coastline – we chart the country’s surrounding sea and environs, from the South West Pacific to the Antarctic, as mandated by the International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO).

Map of areas of New Zealand charting and coverage of NZ Notices to Mariners.

We produce:

  • reliable daily predictions of high and low tides and tidal streams
  • up-to-date charts that capture the precise location of coastline and marine features like buoys, beacons, rocks, sandbars and water depth.
  • regular Notices to Mariners to keep mariners updated on changes.  
Last Updated: 20 September 2018