The latest alerts, warnings and information you need to safely navigate around New Zealand waters.

Captain aboard his ship

Just as the ocean is constantly changing, so too are the many risks and hazards you’re exposed to by being out on the water. We produce vital information that mariners need to make good choices to safely navigate New Zealand waters.  Our responsibility is to ensure that you have access to this information. Your responsibility is to ensure that you have all the resources you need for your voyage.

Out on the water regularly? Here’s how you can keep up to date

  • New Zealand Notices to Mariners. We issue these notices fortnightly to advise you of anything affecting navigational safety – charts, lights, tidal information. Our notices provide an ongoing update to the information in the New Zealand Nautical Almanac. We also use them to officially notify any corrections to New Zealand nautical charts. You can find the latest notices in this section. We can also email them to you.
  • New Zealand Radio Navigational Warnings. These radio messages broadcast navigational and meteorological warnings, meteorological forecasts and other urgent safety-related messages to ships. There are three types: long range (NAVAREA), coastal and local. 

Noticed a hazard? Charts not accurate?

You too can contribute to the safety of others at sea. If you see a hazard or something you suspect will affect safe navigation, including shortcomings with our charts or publications, please report the hazard by completing an H Note (Hydrographic Note). For urgent hazards, please call 0800 665 463.