LINZ charts New Zealand's waters and coast to help commercial and recreational mariners safely navigate our waters.

The products and services provided by LINZ help you to navigate New Zealand's waters safely - whether you are a recreational or professional mariner.

Our official publications are designed to equip you with the most accurate charts and other information used for navigation, covering nautical features such as harbours and ports, tides and currents, lights and astronomy.

LINZ regularly updates its charts to ensure they are as current and accurate as possible. You need to keep your charts up to date by referring to the Notices to Mariners.

For maritime safety information, go to:

Maritime radio information

To access the maritime radio network in case of emergency or to report maritime accidents:

Maritime contacts

Contact details for principal New Zealand Port Operators (PDF 62KB)

Contact details for principal New Zealand Harbourmasters (PDF 71KB)

Notifying a hazard

The mariner community provides important information that goes into LINZ's products and services. To help all mariners stay safe at sea, companies and individuals let LINZ know about any hazards or changes to navigational features on the charts by phoning LINZ's 0800 service to update the Notices to Mariners, or completing a Hydrographic Note.

Last Updated: 1 July 2022