Tide predictions

Tidal predictions are compiled for standard barometric pressure.

The meteorological conditions that can have an effect are described in meteorological effects on tides.

Note that the times used in the tide predictions have been adjusted to New Zealand Daylight Time when daylight saving is observed.


Daily tide prediction tables (orange markers)
Click on an orange marker on the map below to see a listing of the daily predictions of the times and heights of high and low waters available for download for that location.  The zero points of the predicted tide heights are described here.  The CSV file format is described here.

Offset/Secondary Port tide tables (white markers)
Clicking on a white marker on the map below will open a table of time differences and tidal levels that can be used to calculate tide predictions for that location. 

Find out how to do these calculations.

Download the complete Secondary Ports Table (CSV - 25KB)

Offshore Islands

Raoul Island:
Fishing Rock
Boat Cove

Chatham Island:


Sub-Antarctic Islands:
Antipodes Island
Auckland Island - Carnley Harbour
Campbell Island/Motu Ihupuku - Perseverance Harbour

Scott Base


The tide predictions on this website are not official tide tables as specified in Maritime Rules Part 25 Nautical Charts and Publications (pursuant to Section 36 of the Maritime Transport Act 1994).

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Last Updated: 30 June 2017