Land Information New Zealand is progressively rebuilding Landonline, the system used to manage New Zealand's land information.

Starting in 2019, and taking five years to complete, the LINZ programme of work to modernise Landonline is called STEP (Survey and Title Enhancement Programme). It was previously known as ASaTS.

What is the project to rebuild Landonline?

On 23 October 2018, Cabinet gave LINZ approval to progressively rebuild Landonline, the system used to manage New Zealand’s title and survey transactions. This will provide a reliable, accessible and secure platform. It will also improve LINZ’s ability to respond to customer needs and continue to meet its regulatory requirements.

The programme to modernise New Zealand’s land information platform and services will take five years to complete with a deliberately phased approach over four stages, known as tranches.

LINZ is calling the programme STEP, which stands for Survey and Title Enhancement Programme. The programme was previously known as ASaTS (Advanced Survey and Title Services).

Why do we need to rebuild Landonline?

  • It’s essential that New Zealanders can rely on Landonline to provide accurate information about land. Confidence in property rights underpins living standards and is critical to the financial and banking systems our economy relies on. LINZ needs to ensure that land information is more accessible and easier for New Zealanders to transact with. 
  • Landonline is now 20 years old - it was developed in the late 1990s and introduced in 2000.  It’s increasingly difficult to support and enhance, which reduces our ability to respond to changing customer needs.
  • Landonline is currently difficult to maintain, is expensive and slow to respond to changing needs. Its core software, which was widely used in the 1990s, is now nearing ‘end of life’ and not recommended for further development.
  • Customers are required to complete complicated software installs to use Landonline and the software is not supported for non-windows operating systems.
  • Landonline is currently not flexible or mobile-friendly. Our customers are waiting for new functionality to be added to make their jobs easier.

How will LINZ customers benefit?

Increased system availability, reliability and sustainability

Moving to next generation technology will improve availability and reliability for customers.  It will also provide the ability to more easily make changes to meet evolving customer needs.

New technology can be used on various operating systems and devices

Customers will be able to access land information from their choice of computer device and operating system.

Improved integration with 3rd party software

Integration with other software will be improved. Data will be able to be transferred between systems, resulting in less doubling up of work.

To start this process LINZ is leading the 3D Cadastral Survey Model and Exchange project which aims to support full digital exchange of cadastral information between the survey industry and land information agencies in Australia and New Zealand.

3D Cadastral Survey Data and Exchange project

Greater public access to property information through web-based search

An online property information search service will be publically available.

Create NZ business opportunities through greater data availability

The system will collect and manage more sophisticated data, which will help customers create new value add products and services. 

Link property information across Government

There will be the ability to link property information held across various central and local government agencies (for example, linking title and rating information).   

This function will support other property initiatives, which will make it easier and quicker for customers as a property owner, builder or developer to get information needed in the way it’s needed.

Increase level of data validation and automation

There will be greater automation of some transactions and less duplication of data entry for others.  LINZ will provide the ability to automatically update Council rating information when a property transfer is registered. Banks/lenders will receive automated system notification when mortgages are registered.

Ability to capture and generate plans in 3D

By the end of the programme, 3D and innovative spatial tools will be introduced.

State Land Register to support better investment decisions

LINZ will support a State Land Register, enabling customers to access a more comprehensive picture of all land in New Zealand including the key information about Crown land holdings.

How will Landonline be rebuilt?

LINZ will progressively rebuild Landonline in four stages (known as tranches) over five years. The programme will use Scaled Agile development and will be delivered using NZ ICT resources.

By the end of the first stage (mid 2020), the following new services will be in place:

  • Web-based search – this will give New Zealanders the real-time ability to search for and purchase products such as Records of Title and Survey plans, directly from our website
  • Search API (Application Programming Interface) – this will enable others to connect their websites and software directly to Landonline to search and purchase products
  • Notice of sale – this gives conveyancing professionals the ability to automatically notify territorial authorities that a sale has occurred when they have transferred a title in Landonline
  • Notice to mortgagee – this is the ability for banks/lenders to receive automated system notification when mortgages are registered

The programme to progressively rebuild Landonline will be complete in 2024.

Business cases and briefings

LINZ will periodically make available redacted copies of business cases and Ministerial briefings on the Rebuilding Landonline programme. Downloadable copies of these are available at the bottom of the page.

How do I get more information?

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Last Updated: 16 February 2021