Work is underway to modernise how information about land in New Zealand is supplied and accessed.

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It’s essential New Zealanders can rely on Landonline – the system used for managing New Zealand’s property surveys, titles and transactions.

Modernising Landonline with our customers

Landonline is a world-class system but, at 20 years old, needs to be modernised to ensure it integrates with modern software and is future-proofed.

We’re designing new Landonline features and services with our customers and will continue to work with them to develop the services they need in the future.

This work is underpinned by legislation, refreshed business rules, updated processes and modern technology.

We’re developing our in-house capability to ensure Landonline is built and managed sustainably.

This approach ensures we can respond to changing customer needs, future technology trends and regulatory changes without further major platform upgrades. Customers will be able to access it from their choice of device and operating system.

The new Landonline is due to be completed in 2023. Beyond this, our in-house team will continue to manage, update and enhance the system.

This programme of work was approved by Cabinet in October 2018.

Why Landonline is important

You might be buying a property or be a small business owner using your house or other property to finance your business.

When you buy, sell, or alter property you want to be certain about details such as location, size, boundaries, and that you’re buying from the current owner.

In New Zealand, this information is recorded in the ‘title’ for each property and held in Landonline. Collectively, this information informs the financial and banking systems the New Zealand economy relies on.

Landonline stats

Landonline activity for 2019/20:

  • 13,000 registered users
  • 2.3 million property titles
  • 3.4 million property searches
  • 220,000 property titles issued or re-issued
  • 550,000 property transactions

Who uses Landonline?

Our customers include:

  • surveyors – supplying data for the land they’ve surveyed
  • solicitors and conveyancing professionals – acting on behalf of New Zealanders buying, selling or changing property details
  • banks – assigning mortgages against property titles
  • councils – issuing certificates or consents and for rating purposes
  • real estate agents – sourcing title information for properties they’re selling.

To input or use Landonline, customers need to be registered users and prove their identity via an authentication process.

Public access to property information

Members of the public in New Zealand and Australia can now search for titles to New Zealand properties, thanks to Land Record Search (LRS), launched in February 2021.

The LRS costs $6 for each product ordered (for example, a title) and is usually delivered within a few minutes.

Land Record Search

    Titles and surveys | what’s being delivered

    The modernisation programme focuses on our two major products: property titles and surveys.

    Property titles


    • making property sale and purchase processes faster, easier and more joined up
    • automating notifications to councils (Notice of Change of Ownership) and banks (Notice to Mortgagee) – see the fact sheets below
    • enhancing processes and procedures for Toitū Te Whenua.



    • delivering a simpler process to enter and confirm survey data
    • connecting the work surveyors and solicitors do when sub-dividing land and making it easier to comply with the rules and get approvals from Toitū Te Whenua
    • simplifying and improving the graphical parts of a survey to meet the different needs of users
    • making it easier to add survey data into Landonline.


    We’re delivering a new technology platform that can quickly and easily respond to changing customer needs, future technology trends and changes in law.

    It will be:

    • fit for purpose, future-proofed and integrated with modern software
    • accessible to customers and the public
    • easy to use
    • designed to reduce costs, remove duplication and improve information accuracy
    • standardised and consistent (through rules and processes)
    • continuously improving.


    • Understanding the best way to support customers to transition from a system they’re familiar with to a new way of working.
    • Ensuring we’re working with our customer groups to design and deliver what they need.
    • Adding easier and simpler processes for customers without compromising Landonline’s current high levels of security.

    Fact sheets

    These plain English fact sheets explain the products we're delivering and changes we're making.


    These infographics tell the Modernising Landonline story.

    Business cases and reviews

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