Place naming
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What was proposed?

The proposal was to approve a recorded unofficial name Mitiwai Stream as the official place name of a small stream that flows into the Tasman Sea, southwest of Kawhia Harbour, near Taharoa (locality). An alternative recorded name for the same feature, Matauwai Stream, would no longer apply.


Now official

Mitiwai Stream was approved as an official place name. Matauwai Stream is therefore replaced by Mitiwai Stream.

Published in the New Zealand Gazette on 4 April 2024.


The Board considered this proposal report at its hui on 22 June 2023. The proposal is notified for one month so that the public can make submissions supporting or objecting to the name.

The Board considered this submissions report at its hui on 3 October 2023. Because the Board didn’t agree with the objecting submissions, it requested the Minister for Land Information to make the final determination.


1 August 2023: Geographic Board opens Mitiwai Stream name for consultation and announces other official names