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We sought feedback on proposed new regulations and standards to support the implementation of the Crown Pastoral Land Reform Act. The new legislation is focused on improving how we administer 1.2 million hectares of Crown pastoral land in the South Island high country. Consultation closed in August 2022, and a further round of consultation closed in January 2023.

Outcome of the consultation

We considered feedback we received during consultation to ensure the regulations and standards are robust and workable. See the summary of the submissions:

The changes are expected to come into effect by October 2023.

See Regulations and standard to better manage Crown pastoral land

About the proposed regulations

The proposals in this consultation included:

  • the information required from leaseholders when applying for consent to carry out a discretionary pastoral activity or stock limitation exemption
  • the information required from leaseholders and others when applying for a commercial recreation permit
  • the information required to accompany enforceable undertaking agreements between leaseholders and the Crown to mitigate or resolve a breach
  • new infringement fees and notices.

About the proposed standards 

The proposals in this consultation included:

  • a standard for undertaking the new requirements or tests under the Act such as sufficient information, identification of inherent values, determining no more than minor effects and assessing reasonable alternatives
  • a standard to support the assessment of applications for easements, transfers and subleases affecting Crown pastoral land.