Sunset over Lake Tekapo

Managing New Zealand’s Crown-owned land for best use – today and in the future.

New Zealand’s Crown estate includes some of the most iconic land in the country, ranging from South Island High Country pastoral land to bodies of water such as lakes Wanaka and Wakatipu. As the Crown’s land manager, we are the guardians of eight percent – around two million hectares – of New Zealand’s land area. It’s a role that recognises the full breadth of land value. We administer major sites such as the Waihi gold mine and Crown forestry licenses for land held for Treaty settlement. We also assess interests in reclaimed land and customary rights for marine and coastal areas.

Our day-to-day management involves acquisition, maintenance and disposal of land. It involves managing the tenancies of farmers who lease the Crown’s grazing land. It includes identifying and lessening risks to the Crown estate, such as safeguarding New Zealand’s unique biodiversity from the threat of plant and animal pests.

We provide management advice and services for a number of other Crown agencies. We also play a role in Treaty settlements, helping ensure efficient progress in releasing valuable assets to iwi for both Māori and regional development.

The common thread running through all we do is the aim of managing public assets in ways that deliver the greatest benefits to all New Zealanders - both for today and in future.

Last Updated: 10 March 2020