We manage a wide range of properties on behalf of the Crown and client agencies, including former prisons, hospitals and schools. Several projects are underway on these properties. We also carry out hazard reduction work on Crown land.

Toitū Te Whenua manages properties on behalf of the Crown and client agencies. These properties include former prisons, hospitals and schools, as well as residential and commercial properties. 

Some of the properties we manage are earmarked for Treaty settlement. In some cases, part of our role in preparing a property for Treaty settlement can include:

  • clearing infrastructure
  • remediating the land
  • managing contaminants in the soil
  • mitigating hazards on site.


Former Tokanui Psychiatric Hospital

We are responsible for overseeing the demolition and disposal of the former Tokanui Psychiatric Hospital, south of Te Awamutu. 

The site is part of a potential Treaty settlement with Ngāti Maniapoto. We are working closely with Maniapoto, mana whenua and Te Arawhiti to decide the amount of work that will be done at the 80-hectare site. 

Funding has been secured to demolish the buildings and remediate sections of the site. This work is expected to begin in 2023 and will take approximately 4 years.

Former Masterton Hospital

We are managing the demolition of the former Masterton Hospital. The site is part of a Treaty settlement with Ngāti Kahungunu.

Preliminary work started in November 2020, and our current focus is on salvaging as much material as possible from the 26 buildings to be demolished. We have a plan to divert around 2500 cubic metres of material from landfill. We are also using a range of measures to mitigate any impact on the neighbouring Wairarapa Hospital and Masterton Medical Centre. This includes carrying out the demolition in stages, using specialist equipment to dampen down dust, and building acoustic barriers.

The demolition is underway and is expected to be completed by late 2022.

Former Barrett Street Hospital

We are managing the former Barrett Street hospital, in central New Plymouth, on behalf of the Crown. The site is part of a Treaty settlement with Te Atiawa.

We oversaw the demolition and removal of 14 structures and their supporting service tunnels in 2018. Further works are required on site including the removal of stockpiles, auxiliary buildings, swimming pool and retaining walls. We are currently working with New Plymouth District Council and Te Atiawa for a resource consent to carry out this remaining work.

This work is expected to begin in early 2022.

Watts Peninsula

Toitū Te Whenua is leading a programme of work to establish a reserve at Watts Peninsula – a culturally and historically significant area located near the entrance to Wellington Harbour.

Find out about the work to establish a reserve at the Watts Peninsula site

Hazard management

Toitū Te Whenua is committed to ensuring that any work undertaken on Crown land is as safe as possible.

Watts Peninsula

We are responsible for managing Watts Peninsula on behalf of the Crown. We have a range of measures in place to minimise hazards on the site as it is popular destination for recreation.

Find out about hazard management at the Watts Peninsula site

Asbestos management

We have policy and procedures for management of asbestos-containing materials at our properties, and carry out a range of hazard reduction work.


For any enquiries about these projects, email ProjectHazardManagementTeam@linz.govt.nz

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