Find out about the different steps in the tenure review process and recent activity.

Tenure review is a voluntary process that gives pastoral lessees an opportunity to buy land capable of economic use, while land with high conservation values is protected and restored to full Crown ownership as conservation land. 

Tenure reviews are conducted by the Commissioner of Crown Lands (CCL). We manage the tenure review process on the CCL’s behalf.

We seek input from a number of organisations at various stages in the process, including the Department of Conservation, Fish & Game New Zealand, local iwi, and the public.

The Crown Pastoral Land Reform Bill intends to end tenure review. The Bill is currently before Parliament. More information on the Bill is available from the New Zealand Parliament website.

The table below provides an overview of the tenure review programme and shows information about the number of properties at various stages of the process.

Crown Pastoral Lease Tenure Review Activity as at: 31 July 2021

Activity StateNumber
Review Complete136
Whole Property Purchase5
Substantive Proposals Accepted by Lessee5
Substantive Proposals Put to Lessee (not yet accepted)0
Preliminary Proposals Advertised6
Consultation with Lessee for Preliminary Proposal13
Information Gathering for Preliminary Proposal1
Invitations Received0
Not in Tenure Review137
In Tenure Review23
Total Number of Crown Pastoral Leases303
Last Updated: 10 December 2021