We hold over a million hectares of pastoral leasehold land in the South Island, overseeing its use and managing the rent review and tenure review processes.

Pastoral land owned by the Crown is the responsibility of the Commissioner of Crown Lands (CCL), an independent statutory officer who leases this land for farming. Pastoral leases run for 33 years and lessees have an ongoing right of renewal. 

The terms of the leases give lessees the right to graze the land but, as the landowner, the CCL has the final say on any other uses of the land. If lessees want to undertake other work on this land, such as clearing scrub, creating tracks or cultivating the land, they require the consent of the CCL, and we manage this process on the CCL’s behalf.

We also assist the CCL to review rents for these properties and we coordinate a process known as tenure review. Tenure review allows lessees to gain a freehold interest in part of their leasehold and for some of the land being returned to full Crown ownership, usually as conservation land managed by the Department of Conservation.

For more information about pastoral leases, the rent review and tenure review processes, and how to apply for the CCL’s consent to undertake certain types of work, visit the Crown Pastoral land section.


Last Updated: 16 July 2015