Client agency strategic asset management

The strategic asset management approach we take for Crown agencies.

We review agencies’ property portfolios to make sure they are fit for purpose, and to identify ways of managing them more effectively.

These reviews are important to make sure:

  • agencies have the properties they need, where they need them
  • agencies aren’t holding and paying for properties that are surplus to requirements
  • properties are tenanted and being maintained effectively.

We work with agencies to carry out these reviews, and to help them get the most out of their portfolios in the future. Depending on the agency’s needs, we can carry out reviews of specific aspects of the portfolio, or conduct broader reviews. The way we carry out the reviews depends on the nature of the portfolio and the agency’s needs. Generally there are two stages.

Stage 1 - Information gathering and analysis

We collect information about:

  • the location of the properties
  • the condition of the properties
  • tenancy rates
  • market values.

Stage 2 - Analysing agency priorities

We discuss the agency’s priorities with them, to clarify their future property requirements. This may suggest:

  • the need for a different blend of properties in the agency’s portfolio
  • more properties in different locations
  • a new approach to ongoing management of the properties.

Once we have carried out the analysis, we work with the agency to refine their property management strategy. This may involve acquiring or disposing of properties, or developing new approaches to renting or managing the properties.

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